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Verify Property

This is a portal through which you may engage prodeal properties Ltd to verify your proposed property and be advised on the authenticity and status of the property in order to enable you take a decision.

The scope of the property you may intend to verify goes beyond properties uploaded on Prodeal Properties website. We are available to serve you in every area of property verification within Nigeria as we have our trusted consultant   in the government land ministry that works with us to get authentic & reliable information on  every property in the state

FEE: The fee is dependent of the type of property (Land, House e.t.c), the location of the property, the title of the property etc. Thus the fee will be determined after you have submitted the details of the property and you will be advised within 48 hours on the applicable fee

REPORT: A written report will be sent to your email detailing the full status of the property and advising you on the best decision

TIMING: Please note that the report shall only be valid for a period of 7 working days. However you may need to re-validate the verification after 7 working days. The reason for this timing is due to frequent changes in government policies/decisions which may affect the earlier report given.

Only JPG,PDF,PNG,DOC,DOCX Files are Allowed