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How Affiliates Works

Agent Referral Commission:

This applies when an Agent introduces or refers another agent to register using his affiliate link. The rationale behind this is to enable the agent to keep afloat while making effort to get clients for properties uploaded

How to Refer Agent:

  • Click on Affiliate Account
  • Click on Marketing
  • Click on Affliate Link

Copy the Affiliate Link and Send it to any agent you want to refer and once they click on it and register you will be acknowledged as their REFERRER. Once the agent Subscribe to our packages 20% of the subscription plan will be credited to your affiliate account.

Prodeal Direct @ 20% :

Prodeal Properties Gives 20% of the Subscription fee Paid by the referred agent to the referrer.

NOTE: Payment of subscription commission shall be due every week

Prodeal Renewal @ 5% :

This applies when a downline introduced by an agent renews his subscription at its expiration. The agent who introduced / referred him will get 5% of whatever package he renews.

Prodeal Subscription Plan

BRONZE : 5,000 / Month Subscription for UNLIMITED LISTINGS

SILVER :  12,500 / 3 Months Subscription for UNLIMITED LISTINGS

GOLD : 15,000 / 4 Months Subscription for UNLIMITED LISTINGS

PLATINUM : 20,000 / 6 Months Subscription for UNLIMITED LISTINGS

Referral Bonus Breakdown

N1,000 on every 5,000 Subscription

N2,500 on every 12,500 Subscription

N3,000 on every 15,000 Subscription

N4,000 on every 20,000 Subscription