Aside traffic in Lagos another thing Lagosians fear is bad roads and insecurity. You don’t want to move to an area where traffic will eat up your best time, and when you think about going home you become scared of meeting hoodlums. But most importantly most people prefer to build their own houses instead of buying because some of us feel we can’t get a house that best sooth our tastes and also because of some of our believes.

You should look past that and see reasons why you need to buy already made houses; here are some tips to guide you achieve that.

  •  Land Availability

You will agree with me if I say that the available plots of lands in Lagos are few and are more affordable to wealthy investors who purchase in large quantities to build multiple houses for sale. This being that buying in large quantity comes with some economies of scale as against buying a unit of land. Hence, those who are able to afford large quantities for investment purposes are given preference over the others. However, you can find affordable lands for sale in Lagos by talking to agents.

  •  Time Factor

When you buy a house it saves you the extended time required to building a house. Since building a house requires a longer time to complete, urgent home seekers can save time by purchasing the available houses. Hence, it is advisable to work towards buying than building a house.

  •  Location

Some lands in Lagos are filled with completed but vacant houses which are yet to be occupied. Example of such places is Lagos island, another thing is that this place is close to most offices and organizations. So instead of building your own house in this kind of environment is better to buy and be close to your place of work.

Buying a house is gradually becoming a trend and it’s sweeping this traditional mentality of building from scratch which might take all year to finish.